FNQRRC CLASS RULES (Machinery Specifications)


All classes of machinery shall comply with the relevant machinery requirements of the General Competition Rules (GCRs) specified in the current edition of the Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MoMS). Issues not adequately addressed in the MoMS shall be determined by the Far North Queensland Road Racing Club Committee.

      Buckets (Superlite - Motolite - Commuterlite)

Also known as bucket racers this is possibly the cheapest entry level of racing.
The machines are fairly basic with engine capacity, wheel and suspension limitations. For this reason the class is extremely in-expensive even if you throw it down the road.
Because of these limitations the class is very competitive and often the smoothest rider will win the race.

      250 SuperSport


This class of racing has often the closest fought battles on the race track as the machines are very evenly matched. The most popular machine used in this class is the Honda CBR250RR which are easily acquired.
The bikes are to be basically left standard with only minimum changes allowed.

      Formula 3


With this class of racing you can see 400cc four stroke matched against the 250cc two stroke machines.
The lighter 250cc machine is very quick through the corners but the 400cc machine has great straight line speed and acceleration so this balances the class and makes for exciting racing.
Throw in some 650 twins and up to 1000cc singles and it gets even more interesting!

      125 GP / 250 Mono / Moto3


The most popular bike used in this class is either the Honda RS125 or the Yamaha TZ125 however other models may be considered by the clerk of course if class numbers are low. Tyre brand and type is open however there is a minimum tread depth requirement and tyre warmers are not permitted. The exhaust system has a noise limitation only and all requirements for class can be found by clicking on the link below.

      Formula RR


125GP / 250 Mono / Moto 3, 250 SuperSport and Formula 3 as above combined. Essentially an "all in" class. Class rules are a combination of the relevant machines used in this class.

      Supermoto (NLA)


Also known as Motards, this class of racing has a huge following in America and is experiencing growth here in Australia as well. These machines are a cross over of both dirt and road circuit racing. The machines are basically a dirt bike with road bike wheels, brakes and suspension. They usually race on a circuit that has both a road surface and dirt track section combined. They can be of any manufacturer but engine capacity is limited.

      Track Day Class


Open to all capacities of motorcycle. This is a NON-COMPETITIVE class for riders wishing to have a ride around the MakoTrac and improve their bike skills without having to race.



Old motorcycles were never designed to sit in the corner of a garage or shed gathering cobwebs and rust. Today, many have been restored to their former glory and are actively competing in Historic Road Racing. If you’ve got an old Road bike then class is for machines of almost any vintage in Road Racing up to Period Six Junior (up to 350cc).

      SuperMO TAR


This class is similar to the Supermoto class but without the dirt section of MakoTrac. This class is also open to all the other classes except the Bucket classes.